Water Blocking Yarn

Water blocking yarn are used in optical , copper telephone data cable and power cable as cable components. Yarns are used as filler in power cable to provide a primary pressure block and to prevent water ingress and migration in fiber optical cables. When water enters into a cable protected by water blocking yarn the super-absorbent component within the yarn instantly form a water blocking gel. The yarn will swell to approximately three times as its dry size.

water blocking yarn
cable water blocking yarn
water blocking yarn for electric wire
water blocking yarn for cable
Linear Densitym/kg10002000300045005000600010000
Swelling speedml/g/1min50454540353020
Swelling Capacityml/g60605050454030
Tensile StrengthN25015010070605020
Elongation at Break%(Min)10101010101010
Moisture Content%(Max)8888888

Water Blocking Tape

Water blocking tape is widely used in various cables. The cable water blocking tape is packed in pad or spool package.

Minimum slitting width is 5mm , the maximum outer diameter can be 800mm

Different specs water blocking available

Water blocking tape
Water blocking tape
Water blocking tape
Water blocking tape
Specificatio (μm)200±20250±20300±30400±40500±50
Basis weight (g/m²)80±1090±10100±10120±10140±10
Tensile strength (N/cm)20↑30↑40↑40↑40↑
Elongation (%)12↑12↑12↑12↑12↑
Swelling speed mm/1st min6↑7↑8↑10↑12↑
Swelling height (mm)10↑12↑14↑15↑16↑
Short-term stability (℃)230230230230230
Long-term stability (℃)9090909090
Moisture content (%)9↓9↓9↓9↓9↓

Semi Conductive Water Blocking Tape

Semi conductive water blocking tape is made of water block tape, via semi-conductive adhesive impregnated dry and forming, fiber after fully carding, high longitudinal strength, low resistance. Suitable for waterproof type, medium, high, extra high voltage power cables and other control and Instrumentation cables, communications, signals of semi-conducting water block layer with shielding requirements, with water block, cushioning and shielding effects.

Specification (μm)300±30400±30500±30600±40
Basis weight (g/m²)120±10150±10170±15190±20
Tensile strength (N/cm)30↑40↑50↑60↑
Elongation (%)12↑12↑12↑12↑
Swelling rate (mm/1st min)8↑10↑12↑14↑
Swelling height (mm/3min)12↑14↑16↑18↑
Surface resistance (Ω)1500↓1500↓1500↓1500↓
Volume resistance (Ω.cm)1*106↓1*106↓1*106↓1*106↓
Short-term stability (℃)230230230230
Long-term stability (℃)90909090
Water content (%)9↓9↓9↓9↓

Water blocking aramid yarn

Water blocking aramid yarn mainly used for indoor cable to reduce the cable diamter and weight.

Aramid cable filler yarn
aramid cable yarn
cable Kavlar Yarn
cable Kavlar Yarn
Item UnitUM
Breaking TenacityCN/Dtex19.8
Breaking StrengthN339
Elongation at break%≤3
Swelling speedml/g/1min35
Swelling capacityml/g/1min45
Limited oxygen indexLOI%≥29
Melting point>500

Polyester binder yarn

Polyester binder yarn is used for binding when producing optical cable

polyester binder yarn
polyester binder yarn
Linear densityDtex1110167022203330
Breaking strengthN6090120180
Moisture content%1111


Ripcord is mainly used for the stripping of various cables

Linear densityDtex20003000
Breaking strengthN≥90≥90