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Cable Wrapping Tapes

Nomin Specialize in produce and supply cable wrapping tape for domestic and worldwide cable and wire manufacturers for 20 years
Nomin is always reliable to supply different material cable wrapping tape for clients in different cable industry.
Presently Nomin acquire 10 sets of cable wrapping tape slitting machine,8 sets lamination machine and 5 sets dry oven.With 800 tons monthly production capacity for different material cable wrapping tapes including
Aluminum foil tape,Copper foil tape,Cable polyester tape,Cotton paper tape,Kraft paper tape,Cable nonwoven tape,Water blocking tape,PP foam tape,Cable CPP tape,Cable mica tape,Cable Fiberglass tape,Non halogen tape,Color indentification tape,PTFE film tape,Semi conductive non woven tape,Semi conductive nylon tape,Semi conductive water blocking tape,Semi conductive cotton tape,Semi conductive tetoron tape

semi conductive cable tape

Semi Conductive Cable Tape

non woven cable tape

Non Woven Cable Tape

PP Foam cable tape

PP Foam Tape

Polyimide Cable Tape

Polyimide Cable Tape

PTFE Film Tape

PTFE Film Tape

Nomin cable wrapping tapes have different functions in cable manufacturer industry such as
EMI shielding, Insulation, water blocking, fire protection. Nomin always provide clients and cable&wire manufacturers one stop cable wrapping solution with its profession and specialty of 20 years experience in cable wrapping industry.

Nomin Cable wrapping tape application include
Aircore Telephone Cable, ALPETH Foam-Skin Filled Telephone Cable, FSF Solid-Filled Telephone CablFigure 8 Telephone Cables Direct Burial Telephone Cable
Telephone Drop Wire (Copper Clad/Hard Drawn) Telephone Jacketed Wire Intercom Cables Coaxial Cables TV Antenna Wire
POWER CABLES (PE/XLPE) Low to High Voltage (up to 35KV) Single or Multi-Conductor Tree Wire GTO High Tension Wire Underground Feeder, UF Steel Wire Armored (SWA)
ALUMINUM WIRES & CABLES All Aluminum Conductor, AAC Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, ACSR Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex
OTHER CABLES Automotive Wires, Braided or PVC Battery Cable Spark Plug Cable Control Cables Royal or Portable Cord Submersible Pump Cable Marine or Shipboard Cable Welding Cable Heater Cord Soudronic Wires Secondary Service Drop Cables Bare Copper EHS Messenger Wire

Nomin cable wrapping tapes are strictly insepcted through every production procedure from raw materials using, slitting to package.
Nomin assure that every single cable wrapping tape are produced meeting the highest industry standard, Each steps of Nomin production makes our clients relieved.
Nomin provide various custom made service including width, thickness, colors,printing and packages
Nomin cable wrapping tapes are packaged in pads or spools.
The minimum cable wrapping tapes can be slitted to 5mm . the maxmum pad diamter can be 800mm
Thickness produced as per clients requirements. a wide range of cable wrapping tape thickness available.

Why choose Nomin cable wrapping tapes
1. Nomin 20 years experience in cable wrapping tapes with clients located in more than 150 countries
2. Nomin’s wide produce range can provide one stop solution for almost every clients in cable&wire industry
3.Nomin strong production capacity always deliver the high quality cable wrapping tape in or ahead of schedule.
4. Nomin can provide free samples for every customer with various materials cable wrapping tapes in 3 days

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