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Cable Filling Yarns

Nomin is a leading manufacturer of cable filler yarn in China. Supply cable filler yarn for cable and wire manufacturer in 150 countries.
Nomin have a wide product range of cable filler yarn widely used for datacom, telecom, control, or power and energy cable.

Filler yarn is a very important component in cables. Cable filler yarn makes cables strong tensile and keep the cable shape and appearance. meanwhile ,it also can be insulation shielding and waterblocking

Nomin always help cable manufacturers select a cable filler yarn that may be more cost-effective than the one currently using but also meeting engineering requirement.

Nomin wide product range and production capacity of cable filler yarn can shorten clients supply chain. Our product line include

PP(polypropylene) filler yarn
PET (polyester) filler yarn

Water blocking yarn
Jute filling thread
Cotton thread
Kraft twine
Aramid filler yarn

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