Aramid cable filler yarn Aramid cable filler yarn
cable Kavlar Yarn cable Kavlar Yarn
cable Kavlar Yarn cable Kavlar Yarn
aramid cable yarn aramid cable yarn

Cable Aramid Filler Yarn 

Aramid yarn also called kavlar yarn is a new high-tech synthetic, has ultra-high strength, high modulus volume, resistance high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, and light weight, such as 5 ~ 6 times that of steel wire on its strength, modulus of steel wire or fiber glass 2 ~ 3 times, toughness is 2 times of wire, and weight is only about 1/5 of the steel wire, under the temperature of 560 ° C, Won’t to resolve and melt. It has good insulation properties and anti-aging properties, with a long life cycle. Aramid finds, is considered to be a very important historical material processes.

Application: Used in high-performance wire and cable, optical cable and submarine cables etc.

Specification Breaking strength




Heat shrinkage




150D 20.92↑ 1.44-1.67 2.0↓ 3.55
250D 20.92↑ 1.44-1.67 2.0↓ 3.55
300D 20.92↑ 1.44-1.67 2.0↓ 3.55
500D 20.92↑ 1.44-1.67 2.0↓ 3.55
1000D 20.92↑ 1.44-1.67 2.0↓ 3.55
1500D 20.92↑ 1.44-1.67 2.0↓ 3.55
In addition to the above specifications, other special requirements can design according to customers

Characteristics: Anti-pulled properties is the best in all fiber, resistance high temperature, softening points is 367-370 ℃, long-term using temperature for 200 ℃ above, fireproof properties is good, not melting in the flame, has self-extinguishing, anti-cutting, heat stability when left fire, not melt in high temperature, glass of change temperature about 345 ° c; good stretch properties, general bending properties, easy formed Burr if knot: resistance general organic solvent and the salts solution, resistance strong acid and alkaline is poor; on UV sensitive when exposed in sunshine for long time, strength attenuation about 40%;

Packaging: Woven bag or carton packaging, 24kg per bag.

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