cable cotton thread cable cotton thread
cable cotton yarn cable cotton yarn
cable cotton yarn cable cotton yarn

Cable Cotton Filling Thead 

Cable filling cotton thread is mainly made of cotton and chemical fiber used for cable and wire filling  can also be weaving of cabtyre cable

The cable filling cotton thread can increase the flexbility of cable

It includes single stranded cotton thread,double strand cotton thread,multistrand cotton thread


Breaking strength



tolerance 15%

Elongation at break


7 piece/1 strand ≥2.5 0.084±0.012 ≥10
7 piece/5 strand ≥2.5 0.420±0.063 ≥10
7 piece/6 strand ≥2.5 0.504±0.075 ≥10
7 piece/10 strand ≥2.5 0.840±0.126 ≥10
10 piece/1 strand ≥2.5 0.059±0.008 ≥10
10 piece/5 strand ≥2.5 0.295±0.044 ≥10
10 piece/6 strand ≥2.5 0.354±0.053 ≥10
10 piece/10 strand ≥2.5 0.590±0.088 ≥10

In addition to the above specifications, other special requirements can design according to customers

The color of cable cotton filling yarn is white, bleaching, black and other color

Woven bag or carton packaging, 20-25 kg per bag.

Singel strandcable cotton thread

Double Strand

cable cotton yarn


cable cotton yarn

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