Cable Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape is most common cable wrapping material in cable manufacturing industry.

Aluminum foil tape is composited with polyester film. If there is only one side of aluminum foil composited with polyester, we call it single side aluminum foil polyester tape. if two sides of aluminum foil composited with polyester we call it double sided aluminum foil polyester tape.Single side is (AL/PET) and doubel sided is (AL/PET/AL).

A wide range of specification can be produced by Nomin. You can check more information at Cable Aluminum Foil Tape

The core function for aluminum foil tape is cable shielding widely used in telecommunication cables, data cable, coaxial cable, internet cable and signal cable.

The regalur color of cable aluminum foil tape is silver and blue . can be also made to other colors as per customer requirements.

The minumum width of the cable aluminum foil tape can be slitted to 5mm. packed by pad or spool. the inner diamter of the pad (spool) is 52mm or 76mm. the maximun winded outer diameter is 800mm.  The cable aluminum foil tape is packed in carton box for shipment.

Nomin provide free samples of cable aluminum foil tape for every customer who is a cable manufacturer up to 10kgs.

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cable aluminum foil tape

cable aluminum foil tape