A List of Cable Wrapping Tape Materials Used in Cable Manufacturing Industry

Cable wrapping tapes play a vital role in cable production and manufacturing.Cable wrapping tapes have multi functions and applications in term of cable s performance and marketability.such as EMI shielding. water blocking,fire retardant,Insulation.Below is the list of most popular cable wrapping tapes used in today’s cable manufacturing.

Aluminum Foil+Polyester Cable Wrapping Tape

Aluminum foil polyester cable wrapping tape is composed of aluminum foil and polyester(PET)
It divided into single sided aluminum foil tape and double sided aluminum foil tape
Single sided aluminum foil tape structure is one layer aluminum foil and one layer polyester(PET) film
Double sided aluminum foil tape structure is one layer aluminum foil+polyester(PET) film+aluminum foil
The main function of aluminum foil polyester cable wrapping tape is EMI shielding
Widely used in communication cables, data cable, coaxial cable, internet cable and signal cable
It has different specifications in terms of the different Al and PET thickness,Normally the tensile strength must be more than 60Mpa and elongation more than 35%.

cable Aluminum foil tape

Polyester (PET) Cable Wrapping Tape

Polyester tape use high tensile strength and electrical characteristics with bi-axially polyester material, providing cable coating and insulation of internal structures.
Due to polyester cable wrapping tape high tensile strength and flexible characteristics. It is the best material for the wrapping and insulation of cable inner structure.
Polyester cable wrapping tape high temperature resistance is up to 180 ° c. Besides , Its high mechanical strength, excellent insulation shielding property,high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance make it an ideal wrapping material, mainly used as insulation and isolation, as well as increased impedance.

polyester cable wrapping tape

Water Blocking Tape

Water blocking tape also called water swellable tape is made of non-woven,adhesives, rapid expansion polymer absorbent resin material.
It provide water blocking application for optic cables, communication cables, power cables, sub-sea cables.
Since it can rapidly absorb liquid when insulation failure accurs and fastly swell to block any further infiltration. Cable lifetime can be extented through the process.

water blocking tape

Cotton Paper Cable Tape

Cotton paper cable tape’s processable and flurry characteristics make it a good material of cable wrapping ,filling,insulation and even oil-absorbing.Mainly used communication cables, power cables, high-frequency signal cable, power cables.
Cotton paper cable tape has lighter weight,higher tensile strength and environment friendly advantage compared with PP cable tape and polyester cable tape.It has perfect stability under the high temperature 200℃

cotton paper cable tape

Nonwoven Cable Tape

Nonwoven cable tape include plain nonwoven tape,light weight nonwoven tape, and dot embossed nonwoven tape.
Plain nonwoven tape has smooth surface,light weight , thin, high tensile strength high insulating properties, low elasticity, non-corrosive.
Light weight nonwoven tape is made of 100% polyester. it has longitudinal strength. mainly used for cabtyre cable power. cables,communication cables,coaxial cables,audio cables and optic cable.
Light weight nonwoven tape is low cost due to its light weight. Meanwhile it has high flexibility can take high temperature up to 180 degree.
Dot embossed nonwoven cable tape’s main raw material is polyester thermal bonded with polypropylene fiber as adhesive.
Dot embossed cable wrapping tape has high friction not easy to loose suitable for high speed cable wrapping machine.

nonwoven cable tape

CPP Cable Wrap Tape

CPP cable wrap tape is heat resistance,higher wrapping and banding performance.
It is antislip and lower cost compared with polyester cable wrap tape becoming a alternatives for vairous cable wrapping tapes.

cable cpp tape

Mica Cable Wrap Tape

The main feature of mica cable tape is fire retardant it plays a vital role in cable fireproof.
The main row material of mica cable wrap tape is phlogopite mica or synthetic mica. both phlogopite mica tape and synthetic mica tape can be produced into single side or double side.
The structure of single side mica cable tape is fiberglass+mica(phlogopite mica or synthetic mica) and the double side mica tape is fiberglass+mica(phlogopite mica or synthetic mica) +fiberglass.
The three in one mica cable tape is fiberglass + mica(phlogopite or synthetic) + Polyester film.

cable mica tape

Fiberglass Cable Wrapping Tape

Fiberglass cable tape is soft and flat.
The main function of fiberglass cable tape is fire proofing. It can stand 900℃ insulate fire from burning the cable.It is a new type environment friengly cable wrapping material.

fiberglass cable tape

PP Foam Tape

PP foam tape is mainly made of polypropylene. It is processed with mechanical foaming. Mainly used for wrapping and insulation for power cables and telecommunication cables.
The advantage of PP foam tape is light weight, heat resistance, high longitudinal tensile environment friendly.

pp foam tape

Cable color identification tape or color distinguishing ribbons

Cable color identification tape is made of PET. It have multi features such as smooth, wrinkle-free, no kinks, no holes, no nicks, no impurities, edge neatly.Maily used for power cables, XLPE cables.
Color distinguishing ribbons can stand high temperature up to 230 degree.

cable color identification tape

PTFE Cable Tape

PTFE cable tape also called teflon tape ,PTFE film.
Features: High temperature and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction, wears resistance, moisture resistance, high insulation.Widely used for RF cable, microwave communication cable.

ptfe cable tape

Polyimide Film Tape

Features: High insulation ability,golden color, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance
Mainly used for aviation conductor, tensile strength is over 115Mpa

ptfe cable tape

Semi Conductive Cable Wrapping Tape

Semi conductive cable tape has different materials including
Semi conductive tetoron tape
Semi conductive cotton tape
Semi conductive water blocking tape
Semi conductive nylon tape
Semi conductive nonwoven tape

semi conductive cable tape

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